• Lincoln Half Marathon recap

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    This weekend I completed the Lincoln Half Marathon – it’s my 8th half marathon, and my 18th race.  As you may remember, I was coming off an abysmal race at the Go! St. Louis Half three weeks ago. 

    I think at the Go! Race, everything that could have gone wrong did – whereas at the Lincoln Half, everything seemed to go smoothly. 

    Race congestion was one thing I didn’t mention in my last post – I think I take it for granted how packed the St. Louis half is.  The St. Louis half had 6,000 more people in the half marathon alone, and not enough space on the race course to accommodate us.  At the start, I was packed in so closely that I could not kneel to adjust my shoelaces. 

    The Lincoln Half was a breath of fresh air in that and many other respects, and I did not need to weave in and out of people.  My Garmin reflected that too, since it told me I ran 13.17 miles – damn close to the measured course.

    I’m getting ahead of myself!

    Let me back up.  My parents live in Lincoln Nebraska, and were planning to walk the Lincoln Half, so I decided to join them.

    The morning’s weather was fantastic for an endurance event – it was going to be about 50 degrees.  (I often remind people that they have actually done studies to determine the ideal distance running weather – and most of them say about 50 degrees.)

    Anyway, a picture says a thousand words, so here are my splits:


    Around the 6 or 7 mile mark, I was pacing with the marathon 3:55 group.  I thought if I could keep up with them, I could PR.  But they took off quickly and I wasn’t able to keep up.  However, if I hadn’t stopped for a potty break at mile 4 or fussed with my shirt during mile 11, maybe I could have…  Coulda, Woulda.

    The end of the race was really fun – it was on the football field – the place is kind of a big deal in Nebraska. Winking smile 

    While waiting for my parents to finish, I got a massage.  A reporter from the local paper ended up taking a picture, and putting it in the paper.  Here it is:


    In conclusion, it was an awesome race and I had a great time.  Congrats to Mom & Dad for doing so well in their races and finishing strong!!  They really had a blast and I think they understand my race addiction a little bit better – in fact, I think they are getting the bug, too. Smile

    What’s next?  Well, I don’t like that I have done 8 halfs (halves?)… if I do 2 more, I’ll have 10 in the bank by the end of the year.  I just need to find a couple Winking smile