• Elephants Squared

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    Last Friday, I had dinner at Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine and followed my meal with the movie, Water for Elephants.  It wasn’t intentional – but I think I am drawn to elephants.  I have a small collection of them at home.  (Weird, but true.)

    My friend and I were looking for redemption Thai – we had a subpar experience a couple of weeks ago.  Having heard good things about Blue Elephant, we went there and sat down with zero minutes of wait.  It’s exactly the right number of minutes.

    I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc to start and we had a couple of appetizers – spring rolls and crab rangoon.

    Something I’ve noticed is that spring rolls are like snow flakes – always unique for each Thai restaurant.  Blue Elephant’s were definitely unique, but not my style.  The rice paper was a little thick and covered in tamarind sauce. 

    It was my entrée that sang: red curry chicken with bamboo shoots, green peppers, and basil.

    photo (6)

    The sauce was creamy and gently spicy, and I was satisfied with the portion of meat and the extra vegetables.  It was so good that I could have finished it but the portion was generous and made for a great lunch a couple of days later.

    photo (7)

    We were having such a good time when we realized there was ten minutes until the movie started.  Our sweet waitress was fast and understanding about the check and bagging up our leftovers.  We made it to our seats right as the last preview ended.

    I had read Water for Elephants a year ago, which is enough time for me to forget major plot details so that I’m not comparing and contrasting too much.   I love Reese Witherspoon, but dislike Robert Pattinson – yet neither one of them impressed nor dismayed me.  The villain circus ringleader (yes, the villain circus ringleader), played by Christoph Waltz, blew them both out of the water.  Overall, I liked the movie, but the animal abuse is as hard to watch as an ASPCA commercial. 

    Did anyone else catch this movie?  What did you think?