• Bacon at the spa, and your potential

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    This post is a few days late, but better late than never, right?

    I’m in this awkward transition between a PC and a Mac.  I’m using my husband’s old Macbook Pro, but I have a love affair with Windows Live Writer and Microsoft Office.  For Valentine’s day, Mark put Microsoft Word on my Mac.  True love.


    And I got flowers.  ;)

    So anyway, I’m currently using MarsEdit which SUCKS compared to WLW but the reason is that I’m using RAW format on my pictures and my PC hates RAW (formatting them is a real pain).  I’m in the in between!  The awkward in between of PC and Mac world.  Things were easier back when I used my Powershot, jpegs, and WLW.  Oh the olden days.


    I’ll drink to that.  Ok – I know that green concoction looks weird but trust me.  That Key Lime Cream Liqueur is pretty incredible.  I mixed it with club soda and Malibu banana rum.  It’s like a key lime banana pie.  I thought I was drinking coconut rum.  Until I looked at this picture 4 days later and that is definitely not coconut.  Whatever, it was GOOD.

    I know there are some boys reading this thinking “frou frou girly drink,” but my husband is a warm blooded manly man and attests to the goodness of my girly mixed drinks.  He will also attest to my craziness … but he married me so it can’t be that bad.  Right?



    The glass is a toast to Boston Legal!  (The only TV legal series that I have ever watched and not wanted to kick the screen)

    Oh yeah, so here is where I explain that I drank that drink and made this meal a few days ago – Friday to be exact, when my friend Robin came over.

    Brace yourselves: Bacon lies ahead.

    Asparagus wrapped in bacon.


    The asparagus looks like it’s wrapped in little bathrobes of bacon.  It’s like a spa retreat for asparagus, and instead of choosing the seaweed wrap, the asparagus chose bacon.

    Maybe asparagus is onto something.


    On the side… Er… Rather, the main course was spaghetti squash with coconut encrusted tilapia.

    I dunked tilapia fillets in coconut milk and then pressed it into a bowl of curry + shredded unsweetened coconut.  Then I  pan fried it until the coconut browned.  I came very close to burning it (that frou frou girly drink has an effect on my attention span).


    It was super yummy.  I recreated the coconut curry ensemble a day later with shrimp.  It’s a classic combination that works well with white fish and shrimp, but I bet I could get it to work very well with chicken too.


    Look, Robin is hanging out with Jemaine and Bret!  Robin asked me who my favorite is, and it’s definitely Jemaine.


    Don’t tell Mark!  (Isn’t Robin beautiful?)

    Running Stuff

    I’m excited to tell you all about how great my running has been the last few days.  My half marathon plan is pretty aggressive and challenging.  Just looking at last week’s workouts intimidated me:

    4 x 800m @ 7:15 pace

    4 miles at 8:08 pace

    8 miles at 8:53 pace

    Really, anything under a 9 minute mile scares me.  My 9 minute mile is my comfort zone.  Hell, I feel fine doing 8 minute mile paces for repeats.

    But you know what?  The last time I was sore from running was probably a year ago when I was running 18 -20 mile training runs for my marathon.  It’s not good to get TOO comfortable.  And that’s why I’m glad I chose a challenge for this training plan.  I did the long run of 8 miles this weekend and was just barely sore.  That tells me something – I’m training where I’m only SLIGHTLY uncomfortable and that’s great.  But it also tells me that I could be so much stronger, so much faster, if I just keep pushing myself.  I just need to keep telling myself that.

    Really, if you think about it, our strength is a function of our current strength plus an unknown amount: Strength = Known strength + unknown increase

    We can always be stronger, and faster.  The question is, how much?  Not knowing where my potential ends is exciting.  Hell, not knowing where Michael Phelps’ potential ends is exciting.  Isn’t that why we watch the Olympics?

    You will never know how strong or fast you can be until you try.  Just trying to complete the workouts above was fun for that fact – but even more fun was discovering that I could complete them.  I was stronger and faster than I thought.

    I bet you can surprise yourself, too. :)