• The Tricks of the EggGenie

    Date: 2011.01.26 | Category: product review | Tags:

    Hi guys! I’m still alive.

    Blogging from a mac, but still alive. I used Ecto for 5 minutes before I realized what a terrible POS of blogging software it is. Unfortunately, I’m still using it. Bear with me today.

    Speaking of technical difficulties, I hit the “format” button on my camera while trying to figure out what file format my pictures were, not realizing that “format” = “delete”. Woops. (Technically, that’s not a technical difficulty but a human difficulty…)

    So you are going to miss out on my stir fry that I made for dinner. :( The good news is that it was like any other stir fry you’ve probably seen in your life: chicken, vegetables, and some seasonings. It was tasty though. :)

    I did manage to take a couple of pictures of my favorite one-trick pony in my kitchen. Every time I think of it, or any one-trick pony, I think of Alton Brown. Nearly every show, he rants about how you should never own them – I guess he’s really militant about saving space. I think it’s kind of weird because I’m sure he has a humongous kitchen. It’s also really weird that all of his recipes take a week to make, from start to finish. I don’t have that kind of patience.

    I do have patience to wait about 10 minutes to make hard boiled eggs. Enter: EggGenie.


    Hi! Isn’t she cute?!

    This is where I sound like an infomercial.

    Have you ever wasted a bunch of eggs thinking that you had completed every necessary step in order to hard boil them perfectly, only to crack one open and see a gooey yellow center?

    I hope I’m not the only one…. Well, the EggGenie solves that problem. Perfectly boiled eggs, every time.

    [Note, I bought this puppy with my own hard-earned cash and I am not being compensated to write this. The Genies that made this don't even know who I am.]


    I have an aversion to runny yolks. Even the thought of an undercooked egg really grosses me out. But a perfectly cooked hardboiled egg? Divine.

    So if you’re like me, here’s what you do: go buy one of these. You can fit up to seven eggs in the EggGenie. You need to pierce the top of the shell gently with a sharp object. I use a pushpin. If you have a samurai sword, that might work, too. (You know, since if you’re like Alton Brown you want to have multiple uses for your samurai swords).

    Then you fill the bottom of the EggGenie with water, using the measuring cup that comes with it – it will tell you how much water to put in depending on the number of eggs you use.


    Plug the EggGenie in, and cover with the plastic top and it cooks your eggs! I love mine… It’s a little dirty but I have never had a single egg come out wrong.

    Perhaps that makes it more than a one-trick pony. It’s been performing several of these tricks for me every week (TWSS). The EggGenie also comes with a poaching attachment but I have never used it. I do have a stove, after all.

    Well, there you have it. An extended, over-the-top review of my device that cooks hardboiled eggs. More hard-hitting blogging to come.

    Actually, I do have some pretty serious posts in the works. It’s about to get real here at Chasing Ambulances. Don’t change that channel!