• Thankful

    Date: 2010.11.22 | Category: miscellaneous, reflection | Tags: ,

    Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, I thought I would write about something I’m thankful for.


    I’m thankful for the sweet girls I coached at Girls on the Run this year.  They made me and the other coaches posters and signed them.  They gave it to me at the “banquet” we had last week.


    The last practice we had, we told the girls to write letters to someone who inspired them to be a “Girl on the Run.”  A couple of girls wrote me letters.


    It’s hard to believe this was written by a 5th grader!  It was so well-written.


    “You are the best coach EVER!”  So cute.  Another project the girls did was wrote nice messages or motivating messages on index cards for the coaches and volunteers.


    They all went into a personalized container.


    The coaches got together and gave me a special award for coaching when I didn’t teach or have a child at the school (this boggled their minds that someone just volunteered to volunteer I guess). 


    It was so nice of them to do.  I turned beet red in embarrassment.  Kind of like the bottle.

    I am also thankful that I have things to remember the girls by. 

    What are you thankful for?