• Comfort and confidence

    Date: 2010.09.01 | Category: miscellaneous, running | Tags: ,,

    I’m just having one of those weeks I think.  I just feel like I’m in a funk and can’t quite snap out of it.

    Today was a rainy day, so I was wanting comfort food.  There is a tomato soup at Panera that I really like.  Panera is a chain that was started from St. Louis Bread Company.  St. Louis Bread Company still exists, but only in St. Louis :)

    Anyway, they didn’t have the tomato soup I wanted, so I settled for French onion.  It was just okay.


    And I got it in a bread bowl, because that sounded comforting I guess!

    Last night, Ada got a new toy and promptly tore into it:


    That’s the “guts” all over the floor!

    This morning was my first day with Girls on the Run.  Luckily, the “assistant coach” I am working with had already coached last year and knew a lot of girls on the team because they were repeats.  She took over a lot of the lesson – I kind of just let her – and I have to say that I was really thankful.  There were ten eight to 11 year olds there, and they like to TALK and don’t like to pay attention.  They are super cute but we have our hands full.  Honestly, I was expecting a quieter, more timid group.  But they mostly knew each other and had been through the program before, so they were anything but timid.

    A few of them are naturally very outgoing and confident – more confident than I am in myself!  I really admired that quality and it got me thinking about where that kind of confidence comes from.  These girls must come from a supportive environment, among other things. 

    It’s the kind of confidence I wish we all could have in ourselves.  Unbridled, uncensored, unapologetic and not in an arrogant, I-am-better-than-you-way – just confident in the way that YOU are is great.  Ask yourself what you’re confident about and post it in the comments for the 30 Days of Self Love post!