• Hot runs and buns

    Date: 2010.08.29 | Category: running | Tags: ,

    This morning I got up to run a scheduled 10 miles.  I knew it was a little bit warm outside, but I was not prepared for how quickly it became HOT

    After 6 miles, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, and my pace was starting to suffer.  I was getting tired and hot but not dehydrated.  Ada went with me for about 7.5 miles and she is worn out!  I’m glad I didn’t take her any further because I tried to get her to drink a couple of times but she wouldn’t drink much.  It was bad because I knew she had to be hot too.

    At about 8 miles, a man slightly ahead of me stopped his bike to offer me water.  I had to have been looking really bad at this point, so I decided to take that as a sign to turn around and cut my run a little short.  I did 9.5 miles.  (p.s. how nice of it was him to offer?!  I wasn’t dehydrated–just hot–so I was ok, but there have been times that I’ve been really thirsty and lusted after the bottles I see bikers drinking out of…)

    Hopefully next week will be better – it’s supposed to be 15-20 degrees cooler so that sounds good to me.

    I found out on Friday that I will actually be head coaching for Girls on the Run which starts this week.  It’s a lot more responsibility than I had anticipated and it’s going to be a lot of work.  I’m a little nervous to be honest.  But as my mom said, “The more you put into it, the more rewarding it will be.”

    Things I Cooked This Weekend File

    1.  Yesterday I made DESSERT HUMMUS which I saw on Evan’s blog at www.foodmakesfunfuel.com.  I made it without the chocolate chips since I didn’t have any on hand, and with low carb syrup because I’m watching my sugar intake (but not my chemical intake…).  It was still really yummy!  It sounds so weird – chickpeas made into something sweet – but this stuff is dangerous.  It’s kind of scary how much is left in the fridge.  Maybe Mark has been sneaking some.  (I seriously doubt it though…)

    2.  Low carb, gluten free buns.  You heard me.  A friend sent me the link to these and I was intrigued.  Three ingredients = buns.

    photo (3)

    They smelled like scrambled eggs in the oven so I was nervous.  I tried it with a turkey burger and all the regular burger fixings.  Verdict?: It’s no sandwich bun, but it’s a good replacement if you are looking to cut out carbs or gluten.  It did taste eggy (cause that’s what it’s made out of) but I could close my eyes and pretend I was just eating a burger.  Mark really liked them too.

    I’m off to relax for a bit.  This weekend has been busy with errands and running around and such.  She looks the way I feel: