• Pre-race excitement and happenings

    Date: 2010.04.10 | Category: races, running | Tags: ,,

    It is an absolutely gorgeous day in St. Louis today.  It is in the mid 70s and it’s bright and sunny.

    Mark was a good husband and went to the Go! St. Louis marathon Expo with me in the St. Louis University Chaifetz Arena this morning.



    This is one of my favorite parts of the St. Louis marathon weekend – all the free swag, samples, and running-related gear.  An aerial view of the madness:


    Thanks, random dude, for the photo bomb (actually it’s just my crappy photog skillz).

    Apparently, the half marathon here is a big deal – I’ve ran in it twice, but it is one of the largest half marathon events in the United States.  There will be over 12,000 participants in the half and a measly 3,000 in the full.  I’m # 182 – and apparently there is a way to stream my progress live since that is what my dad is planning on doing.  Cool, huh?


    I know Mark probably wasn’t that thrilled about it all, but I think even he can sense all the excitement in the small space.

    I picked up a fuel belt and a bunch of race related fliers and also a little charm that says “26.2” on it.  I had fun, but since it was such a nice day Mark and I decided to take Ada to the park – specifically, Castlewood State Park




    I think Ada liked it.  


    I have already laid out my clothes and gear for tomorrow.  I am pretty much ready to go – all I have to do is wake up on time and hopefully I won’t overheat tomorrow!  It’s going to be a little warmer than what I am used to training in. 

    I will be back for a race report tomorrow!