• Ada’s second 5k

    Date: 2010.04.27 | Category: races, running | Tags: ,,

    Ada is becoming quite the seasoned racer.

    She’s 2 and a half and already has completed two 5ks!  Yesterday we ran in the APA’s Fast and Furriest 5k in Tower Grove. 

    IMG_1959 Here we are at the start of the race.  The thing around Ada’s muzzle is a “gentle leader” – which really helps prevent her from pulling too much.  On Saturday, the day before the race, St. Louis had some tornadoes come through.  I was a little worried it would still be raining during the race – but it turned out to be a very light mist. 


    Mark played race photographer again this weekend and captured us quite a bit on the race.



    As you can see from this picture, there were A LOT of people on the “race course” who were not racing.  I didn’t really appreciate dodging them… But 5ks with animals in it are meant to be a bit relaxed.  The race results said that I finished in 27:22 which is a PR, it also put me in 7th for my age group.  5ks are hard – I would rather run a long distance at a comfortable pace.  Pushing myself to go fast is a lot more challenging!  I still feel like I can do better though. 


    Here we are at the end of the race.  Ignore my stupid expression.  Thanks.

    I have zero upcoming races.  I think I might sign up for the Lewis & Clark half again this year – it will be on October third, Mark & my first anniversary!  But I’m not going to sign up yet.  I really want to work on my swimming and biking skills.  I need a lot of work in those departments.  I found some beginner swimming workouts online that I might try.  My swimming is pretty bad so I’m not going to sign up for a triathlon until I am absolutely ready.  So over the summer there won’t be as much running talk.

    Oh!  I just forgot that I will be running a 5k with my friend Robin on the 4th of July.  It will be her first so I’m just running to keep her company.  So there will be some running talk.  I’m sure you are relieved.