• long run pace?

    Date: 2008.08.05 | Category: running, Uncategorized | Tags:

    My brothers came in town this weekend, and due to the heat and activities and an upset tummy I shelfed my long run… Blah. Not happy with myself about it, but hopefully it won’t mess things up too much.

    So there is a theory that you should run your long runs at a much slower pace than your race pace. You run your other runs at around race pace though. I don’t think this concept works for me. I do notice I have to slow down a bit during my long runs, but I find that the slower long runs in training just about match my race pace. So this is bad news for me I think. But who knows… I’ve never run a marathon, after all.

    I am still worried about my IT band. And the training plan is not screwing around anymore.